Baby Massage

Infant massage is a traditional parenting practice in many parts of the world, where generations of mothers/caregivers offer nurturing touch to their babies. It provides a loving connection between parent and baby starting early in life, strengthening this attachment as the baby grows. Today, countless research studies have supported the benefits of infant massage with impressive results for both parent and baby. Babies are able to relax and sleep better, they calm themselves more readily, and they thrive in many areas of infant health and development. Moreover, parents learn a way to better connect with their baby, by reading and being more aware of cues.

Bonding & Secure Attachment

Learning new techniques to massage your baby can influence bonding and attachment in a positive way. The very act can create feelings of intimacy, trust, and love, as it includes interaction through face-to-face positions, facial expressions, eye contact, touch, voice, and cue reading.

Yoga Principles & Reflexology

In this online course, you will learn a combination of strokes, based on the tradition of Indian and Swedish massage; as well as techniques used from the principles of yoga and foot reflexology for relieving discomfort from colic and gas.

Improved Sleep Patterns & Relaxation

Studies show that giving your baby a massage routinely can improve sleep quality and quantity, by stimulating the production of endorphins. Massage also promotes relaxation and helps babies self-regulate calm, which reduces crying.