What is Baby Massage?

Infant massage is a traditional parenting practice in many parts of the world, where generations of mothers/caregivers offer nurturing touch to their babies. It provides a loving connection between parent and baby starting early in life, strengthening this attachment as the baby grows. Today, countless research studies have supported the benefits of infant massage with impressive results for both parent and baby. Babies are able to relax and sleep better, they calm themselves more readily, and they thrive on many areas of infant health and development. Moreover, parents learn a way to better connect with their baby, by reading and being more aware of cues.

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Introduction To Baby Massage Workshop

$4995 + hst
  • Baby Cues – This workshop will teach parents important cues so that they can respond effectively to their baby’s needs.
  • Tips – Learn effective tips on how to create the best environment to promote a successful baby massage experience.
  • Massage Strokes : Teaser from our 5- Week Series

5 Week Baby Massage Series

$14995 + hst
  • Learn techniques to address common ailments such as colic, gas, teething, and congestion.
  • Learn the basic principles of baby massage and over 30 massage strokes and gentle movements.
  • Baby massage checklist, handout of strokes and support.

“I like the different massage techniques offered for all major parts of the body, tailored to baby’s needs and body structure/strength.”


“I like how Simone took care to explain the moves and approached it in a relatable and friendly way.”


“Loved the way the massage was introduced in small sessions.”