I’m glad you’re here! My name is Simone and I’ve been passionate about all things fitness and wellness since the birth of my third child 6 years ago when I began strength training and practicing yoga. I fell in love with how fitness and healthy food made me feel in both mind and body, and I wanted to help other women regardless of what stage in their motherhood to feel the same way. Not only that, but I wanted to share knowledge on how they could make wellness a permanent part of their lives with small, daily practices. I became a certified fitness coach and began training women one on one and teaching group fitness classes as a side gig, all while working as an Early Childhood Educator & Registered ECE (RECE). I have over 15 years of dedication in the field of Early Childhood Education, including a certificate as an Infant/Baby Massage Instructor (IAIM) and also Infant Mental Health, (Community Training Institute Series IMPH*). Now, I’ve put 1000% into combining my passion for fitness with all my expertise, so that I can share the gift of maternal wellness with others.

At Move & Bloom Wellness, I’m on a mission to redefine wellness for mothers. I believe that managing personal fitness, crafting healthy meals, and navigating the beautiful journey of motherhood can be done effortlessly. My mantra? Empowerment, balance, and building sustainable habits that will last a lifetime.

The Move & Bloom Experience:

Fitness Redefined: We’re not just about workouts; we’re about tailored fitness experiences. My programs are designed with the unique needs of moms in mind, making personal fitness an integral, enjoyable, and effortless part of your weekly routine.

Wholesome Nutrition, Simplified: Say goodbye to complicated nutrition advice and calorie counting. I help you to make healthy eating a breeze. From quick recipes to mindful nutrition information, I help you cut through the noise and help empower you to make sound nutrition choices that complement your unique goals.

Motherhood Unleashed: Embracing motherhood shouldn’t mean sacrificing your well-being. Join our community of incredible moms who navigate the beautiful chaos with grace. Here, you’ll find support, camaraderie, and the understanding that every journey is unique.

I started this blog to help moms like myself, understand the importance of physical fitness as it relates to other wellness components of their life with fitness tips and resources, healthy recipes, and tips to handle all that motherhood brings.