Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I start baby massage?

There are no set guidelines regarding the minimum age for when to start baby massage with your little one. Although nurturing touch can be given from birth, some babies may find formal, structured massage too stimulating in the very early weeks.

As a result, many parents prefer to wait until their baby is about six weeks old when their routine is more settled and their behaviour is sometimes more predictable.

2. What if my baby falls asleep during class?

We understand that every baby’s schedule will be different. We also understand that babies do a lot of sleeping during their early months of life. Under no circumstances do we encourage parents to massage their babies while they are asleep. If your baby falls asleep during class, you can continue watching the live class to learn the strokes, or use a doll or teddy bear, if there is one available to you. The same would apply if your baby falls asleep right before class. Strokes are emailed after each class so that you are able to practice on your baby when they are in (content wake) state.

3. Up until what age can I massage my baby?

You can continue giving massages to your child into the early years and beyond using adaptions as they grow. Your massage instructor will share different techniques to use during massage as the child grows through different stages. See how massage fits into your routine and family traditions and how your child will respond to them.

4. Can my significant other/partner join in on a session?

We encourage partners to join in on at least one session if possible, so they too can learn some of the strokes. If one parent is unavailable on any given day during the 4-week series, the other partner is more than welcome to join a session in place of the other parent.

*Only parents/caregivers are permitted to join the live class to massage baby.